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What is this fuss around Design Thinking!

Design Thinking is a problem-solving methodology that designers use to understand their users to Design better products or services. Generally, when people hear the word "Design", they associate it with aesthetically good looking things or with "high-end" fashion brands.

But, Design is innovation with a human context, when you bring about a change to either the form, structure, flow, experience, visual etc of a product or service keeping in mind a human(When we say human, we don't literally mean just human) - It is the society as a whole, that's design! Everything that you are experiencing currently, has been very carefully thought through and has been created to solve some problem. Be it your toothbrush to pens to chairs to phones to cars to banks to hotels.

This methodology of human centric approach of problem solving can be applied to any type of business that is looking at catering to its clients (Be it B2B or B2C) - It just requires a change in mindset of identifying the challenge and addressing it with an open-minded, empathetic and innovative approach.

If you are a Design/Design Thinking enthusiast and want to know how to introduce it into your company or use it as a tool for innovation, do get in touch with us.

Article By Muzna Nishath - Creative Strategist at The Toggle Hub

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