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Design thinking for education

Have you incorporated in your CBSE curriculum?

Do your teachers need a boost of creative thinking in their teaching style?

in today’s education scenario, kids require not just the information (as information is available at click of a button) It is more critical to change the mindset of the students and bring an innovators mindset- to make them a problem solver.

Design Thinking fits perfectly in that description as it is a tools that will help kids in understanding a challenge from multiple perspectives and come up with solutions that will help them change the world.

here is a 5 step problem solving technique for students

Step1: We start with the concept empathy- With this the students becomes more sensitive about our surroundings and become more inclusive in their thought process.

Step2:Followed by understanding the  problem by digging in deeper into the problem and understand the WHY's. This probing into a problem helps in gaining better insights and understanding the challenge from various perspectives.

Step3-We encourage children to brain storm and understand what more they have to offer rather than just going with the first level thought by providing them with brainstorming methods.

Step 4 – Experiencing a project by experimenting and making models and prototypes helps in applying various subject material (like physics, chemistry, math etc) This helps in building a holistic view on things

Step5- Being able to work with constructive criticism and applying the feedback to their projects to make it more lucrative.

The Key outcome of this Session

Design thinking for students

Design Thinking when applied in every walk of life helps in creating a problem solvers mindset.  With the school system of India(CBSE) making it a part of the curriculum in order to increase the critical thinking, observation skills, team work, communication skills, Presentation skills, problem solving. This principle helps in tying up all the loose ends of the personality of the students

These sessions encourage to get rid the bias to action and planning the execution of the project and taking it through.  We have a complete curriculum designed for you to incorporate it with your students from different age groups. There is an immediate shift in the mindset in terms of the confidence with which students begin to take interest in subject areas and start executing solutions for the real world problems.

Design thinking for teachers

With the task of imparting knowledge, teachers are already problem solvers. With Design thinking they are given a structured method to make them understand a process that they can apply in their classroom. 

Provides teachers and other management staff with the confidence to handle subject curriculum with more creativity and enthusiasm.

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