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Market research

Want to understand what your customers are thinking?

wondering If your product would work in the market?

We provide the following METHODOLOGIES:


1. Focus Group Discussions– A discussion with a group of respondents regarding your product or service with a clear guideline of discussion

2. Direct Interviews- A discussion done individually with the customers that helps in deep diving into lifestyle-related questions and discussions

3. Think Tank- We generally use this method for the Visual cues for branding, packaging , new product development, etc

4. Observational Research- Observing the interaction of your products in the natural environment of the customers that help us understand the nuances that can’t be spoken. However, We use the visual output for a better creative experience.

5. Surveys - We conduct surveys using online and paper-based methods. This helps in collecting a large amount of data. However, data is analyzed in the quantitative-based queries which make data collection easy.

6. Secondary Research: Diving deeper into existing information and documentation that helps in a quick understanding of the current scenario 

Key Output:

Easily comprehensible Research reports

1. Infographics – we use interesting Infographics to visually enrich each page with graphics and other elements

2. Research output Workshops – We present research reports in a workshop format. Therefore, this works as an ideation session after the report findings have been communicated 

3. Visual Harvesting – Posters or customer quotes can be created using the key findings of the research. In other words, If there are certain highlights from the report that you would like to make a part of your daily Mantra in office/ workspace. In addition to enhancing the office space, it also inspires your employees at work

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