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Design Thinking for business

ARe you feeling stuck in your business?

Do you need a boost of new ideas?

Is creative thinking lacking in your team?

The Toggle Hub understands that in order to create business growth it is very important to inculcate the growth mindset in all the departments of the business that trickles down to the person who is ultimately interacting with the customers.

We help in aligning this Design Thinking (DT) mindset in your business. We do it in the following methods: We do it both, through our consultation services aa well as training 


Ideation Workshops

Ideation workshops are helpful in an organization where three is a need for a creative thinking facilitation for overall development of the organization. These sessions are completely tailormade according to the need of the company /business requirements.

Key Outcome:

  • Focused and aligned employees to the values of the company

  • Nurturing the quality of ownership of projects that leads to most efficient execution of the same

  • Better and Clear understanding of the Target customers and their needs

  • Aligning the employees to the business objectives and strategies

  • Creating a team spirit amongst employees

Who is the Ideation workshop for?

Mid Scale Businesses / Startups at a point to build a clear understanding of the business goal and creating an inclusive environment at work with the core team.

New Product Development


This session is mainly focused on understanding the environment of the market for your product/service. With more focus on addressing the positioning of your business in the minds of your customers.

This service also focuses on gaining insights through our EM Market research services that focuses on gaining insights into the needs of the customer base before designing the new product or service.

We help in setting the guidelines for the products that acts as a creative brief for your creative team to take forward for the development of products/Services

Key Outcomes:

  • Insight based product/service development

  • Clearly defined product lifecycle strategies based on consumer and market research

  • Sketching out the complete project management with key responsibilities and success drivers

  • Defiining the key elements of the Product development phase- including the Price, positioning, promotion and placement

Who is New Product Development workshop for?

Any business at starting a new product/service line will benefit from this workshop. Just a few sessions will help in gainaing clarity before deep diving into planning and launching the product. 


Customer Experience  Enhancement

The “Customer first” attitude is something that needs to be engrained and encouraged in the work culture of an organization. We at Evolve Mantra, In addition to the consultation also provide effective training in the field of customer-centricity.

However, Applying multiple tools to address the pain points of the customers and create a smooth experience for them at every touchpoint.

Key Outcomes:

In addition to creating a better clarity of your business, it also helps in

  • Creating business growth through seamless customer interaction and experience

  • Devising customer personas as a reference point to be able to visit and revisit to reinvent your business

  • Making customer-centricity a part of the work culture 

  • Overall business growth through customer satisfaction and understanding.

Who is Customer Experience Enhancement workshop for?

In Conclusion, Customer Experience enhancement sessions are for any phase of business. For instance, anybody who wants to understand creates an effective and memorable customer experience.

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