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4 reasons why your kid needs an Entrepreneurial Course

In the current education system, the "system" of learning and evaluating has not changed much since the last century.

Kids are being molded in a cookie cutter setup and getting equipped to get good grades at school and eventually becoming good employees by honing all the hard skills required to do so. But in the process, a lot many of them are losing out on their creative thinking and critical thinking skills. The very skills that would have helped them to stand out of the crowd.

The question we must ask ourselves is, are we really preparing our children for the jobs of tomorrow? When we get down to actually thinking about it, we don't even know what these jobs are going to be! 

The subjects and lessons taught in a typical school environment may not develop them into holistic thinkers and doers. Having found a fundamental flaw in how education institutions around the world operate, parents and educators are actively looking towards alternative learning methodologies through workshops and Skill-building programs to develop the "critical thinking process".

This game-changing skill which we believe will be the ultimate Tool of the 21st century, is what we call "Entrepreneurial Mindset"

There are definitely tons of reasons why hands on Entrepreneurial exposure is important but let's start by exploring four of the most important reasons that makes it pertinent for kids to go through Entrepreneurial Sessions:

Seeing the unnoticed- Observation skills

This is the day and age of information overload. We are constantly bombarded with visuals and information which cloud our mind and disconnects us from our true self. With the onset of even more technological advances, this disconnect is only going to grow.

We begin to take things and practices around us for granted and stop looking at it from a beginner's eye. In order to have a growth mindset, we need to nurture the habit of noticing the mundane things and capturing the true essence- in other words, being a bit like a detective!

Through entrepreneurial courses like the ones we offer, kids are encouraged to explore opportunities in the surroundings that they are very familiar with, helping them to look at the same environment through a different lens.

Hero of the day- Developing Problem solving attitude

In a nutshell, a business can be defined as an entity that is catering to a problem through their products or service offerings. With the exposure to problem-solving methodology, kids are able to see challenges as opportunities to learn and explore something rather than wait for the spoon feeding attitude that our education system exhibits. They are given the exposure of dealing with real world issues and how they can solve these issues with their ideas/concepts- how can their "product/service save the day!"

Exploring their working style

A business is not built by a single person, it is always a cumulation of efforts from various mindsets. A successful leader is someone who is able to motivate and drive their team to explore all the options to their fullest potential. Our entrepreneurial sessions let the kids interact with other kids from different age groups and backgrounds, helping them accept and understand multiple perspectives. Working in teams also aids in understanding their working style and leadership style, making them more aware of themselves and their capabilities.

Asking the right questions - Inculcating Curiosity

"Curiosity killed the cat" is a term we have all heard but curiosity also leads to learning new things! Curiosity is not about just asking questions, but to be able to ask the right questions that will help you reach your ultimate goal. During our empathy mapping module kids are actually encouraged to question and connect with target segment and ask the right questions to gain insights into the lives of their users. Not taking anything at face value, but questioning every single concept to understand the overall implications of that on their business.

As the world advances in a myriad number of ways, it is only the exceptionally perceptive kids that will revolutionise the way business is done. In our workshops, we aid that process and create mindsets to let these children develop into something extraordinary, giving them the tools to become the game changers of tomorrow.

Whether you are an educator or a thoughtful parent aspiring for the best for their kids, do have a look at our workshop, aimed to create the Entrepreneurial Mindset in your 10 to 16-year-olds.

Click on the image below and join us in the first step of this journey. We look forward to seeing your kids there.

Together with your help, we can open their eyes to a full spectrum of possibilities that can help them turn ideas into Business Enterprises.

Article By Muzna Nishath - Creative Strategist at The Toggle Hub

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