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Anybody can be creative!

All it takes is the right set of inputs and illuminating the right parts of the brain to make people (be it from any background) to think creatively. It is not, as the popular belief goes, only for designers/artists/architects, to nurture this innate quality.

It is all about a perspective change triggered by an external force which helps you dig in deeper within yourself for creative outlets that have been buried deep inside every person who has been molded by the education system and the frills of the corporate world.  A simple thought of “mistakes are good” can open up your minds to not sticking to rules and boundaries that limit our thought process that have been laid down by different authoritative systems we have been through. 

There is a popular trend these days for corporates to collaborate with people from different backgrounds to bring in a different approach into their own setup. Many creative workshops are coming in play to help individuals and corporates think with an open mind, which ultimately helps you stumble upon something extremely magical. Something that you have not experienced in a long time- the feeling of freedom.

Here is a fun activity you can try at home

Do you remember the show "whose line is it anyway"? They had a segment where all the comedians had to do an improv session with props

Try doing this! Take some everyday objects- like a hat, pencil, cup/mug, headphones, keys, whatever you can find (5-8 objects) and try and give it a different usage, have fun!

This helps you in developing your divergent train of thought, helping you in making more organic connections and hence tapping into your creativity. This creates more than one pathway of thinking and your mind slowly gets trained to think of alternative ways of thinking and not always going for the "Safe option", urging you to experiment more.

Try it out and do let me know your feedback :)

Article By Muzna Nishath - Creative Strategist at The Toggle Hub

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