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Digital marketing Strategies with a human edge

Want to explore Marketing options?

About The Toggle Hub

We, at The Toggle Hub incorporate the principles of Design thinking. In addition to being  the best way to reach your customers, we also provide with complete brand focused insights.


We do this by following a 3-step Process to provide a result driven Marketing solution that maximizes your profit.

WhyThe Toggle huB Marketing Consultancy?


Our adept team possess expertise in various spectrum of Market ResearchDigital marketing and Branding spanning over a period of 15 years. Therefore, taking pride in our unique and empathetic approach of Design Thinking (Originally started by Stanford School of Design). 

We adapt Marketing 360-degree strategy. In other words, focusing on the holistic elements of Marketing.


We understand your products and target audience through our unique Market Research Methodologies. Our findings are integrated through workshops and training. After that, a customized solution is created through our expertise in the field of Digital Marketing.


Create an impact now!


The Toggle Hub 3 step  Process


We apply our innovative research tools to understand and empathize with your customers/users. 


We collaborate with our partners through our tailor made experiential workshop sessions.  


Customer and business insights form the backbone of all our creative solutions. 

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